Endo-Met labs have been providing quality specially formulated supplements since 1975. Their supplements are formulated specifically for optimum health results. Their worldwide testimonials from users are a testament to the amazing effects these supplements are able to provide for 10’000’s of people.

Endo-Met laboratories have always been committed to providing health care professionals with the very best mineral and vitamin supplements.


Founder Dr Paul Eck wanted to create a powerful supplements range to compliment his very unique and special way of reading and providing mineral balancing to his patients. Dr Eck was a brilliant researcher and practitioner, very well known in the mineral balancing community as one of the forefront pioneers in this arena.

Dr Paul Eck was an avid researcher and a very charismatic person. He paved the way in the field of Hair Mineral Analysis and provided exceptionally unique health programs that were based upon the science of Hair Mineral Analysis. He created Endo-Met Supplements to compliment his health programs. Over the years he refined his formulas based upon the results of his clients health programs. Eventually creating a line of very powerful unique health formulas that are greatly respected in the health community. Dr Eck studies biochemistry, physiology, pathology, nutrition and psychology. He created unique health programs that were specific to each patient, he used his supplements to compliment this special way of healing people.

Endo-Met labs consistently refine and develop their health formulas. Keeping in line with the most up to date health information from the most consistent health authorities. Endo-Met Labs regularly stay informed with top dietary and nutritional concepts in order to provide only the best and most advanced health supplements. They combine their own experience to maximize biological and metabolic effectiveness in all products

All of the materials in Endo-Met supplements all have to pass rigorous testing to ensure correct potency and is verified from the manufacturer with a certificate of analysis. This ensures that all supplements reach the highest standard possible and under the most correct and up-to-date supplement guidelines. Endo-Met Laboratories use certified grade herbs which ensures that only the pharmacologically active part of the plant is used and utilized within the supplements. All glandular products derived from animals ensure that they meet or exceed all government standards. Endo-Met Laboratories ensure that all manufacturers operate under the FDA licensed facilities. Glandular’s are derived from the USA and Argentina.

Endo-Met laboratories are notorious for their excellent organisation. Their large stock pile ensures that customers are able to efficiently and quickly receive their orders. Shipments are therefore made as quickly as possible.

Endo-Met laboratories have an exceptionally high reputation, from their meticulous attention to detail and high quality and very knowledgeable staff.

Endo-Met Supplements Sellers are proud to work with Endo-Met Labs to provide you the very best supplements around.

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