These supplements are top of the range lab supplements from Analytical Research Labs and Endomet and are usually recommended following a hair mineral analysis test with HTMA Practitioner Cressida Elias Reese (see or email for details). You can still purchase some of the supplements without having a test as they are excellent for certain symptoms and conditions.

Please see below:

Most of the supplements below are recommended based solely on the particular body chemistry of the individual following the results of a Hair Mineral Analysis Test. The supplements that can be purchased for general health not based on a hair test are:
Paramin (calcium and magnesium) – replenishes stores in the body that get depleted by stress, poor diet etc.
Kelp (iodine and multiminerals in seaweed, good for thyroid for most people),
Endo A C (vitamins A and C and bioflavanoids plus Rutin and whole-food C) – boosts the immune, good for allergies
EPA-DHA – fish oil, good for inflammation, brain health etc
EndoVeggies – contains activated charcoal, veggies and other nutrient dense ingredients such as wheat grass, alfalfa, green tea extract – full ingredients listed here.
Magnesium – a highly absorbable form – for energy, anti-inflamatory, alleviating depression and increasing tolerance to exercise. It helps many other conditions including an overstressed nervous system, fibromyalgia and more.
To get the full benefit of these supplements, consider a hair mineral analysis test and programme here This is a worldwide service as forms can be emailed and you take your own hair sample at home and send. The analysis will uncover root causes of symptoms and can predict future issues based on various patterns.